Truman Electronic Whistle Stop

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Truman Electronic Whistle Stop Grant
Grant Writing Team
Objectives of CD-ROM
Meet Our Project Team
Original Scans of Photos and Documents

Fast Facts: Kathleen Vest
How The Term "Whistle Stop" Originated.
Chronological Look at HST's Life and Times.
A Bibliography of Good Sources for Basic Knowledge on Harry S. Truman.

Truman Library Tour: Betty Paulsell
Pictorial Tour of the Truman Library: Visit some of the major exhibits of Truman Library and Museum.
Virtual Tour of the Oval Office: A tour spanning the oval office and featuring close-up shots of special items.
Lesson plans on President's plane.

Truman's Family Tree: Jan Butler
Project teaches students about geneology, utilizing a study of Truman's ancestors and background.

Biography: Nancy Lewis
The life of Harry S. Truman is presented in a dialogue containing pictures. It is followed by "checking yourself" identifications and discussion questions. A timeline and crossword puzzle are provided as an additional activity or evaluation tool.

Truman Historic Sites and Truman's Favorite Books: Judi Wollenziehn
Harry Was Here: This project is designed to help students visualize the geographic locations of important events in Harry S. Truman's childhood from 1884-1901. Historic photos and maps included.
You Are What You Read: The focus of this project is informing students of Harry S. Truman's prolific reading range. Links on a student-created illustration will provide brief overviews of some of his favorite books, poems, and plays.

Political Cartoons: Roy Keeland
Eight political cartoons with thought-provoking questions and Internet links.

Quotable Quotes: Heather Mitchell-Hamm
Harry Truman was well-known for unique and straight-to-the-point statements. He was a plain-talking, yet well-spoken man who did not worry about being "politically-correct." People knew that when Harry spoke, he was giving an honest opinion. This project contains some famous quotes. See how many you are familiar with.

1948 Whistle Stop Tour: Linda DeCota
This geography unit features some of the events and stop-overs of Truman's amazing 1948 campaign.

The Berlin Airlift: Jean Chirnside
This unit focuses on a major decision that Truman made. Skills used are problem-solving, critical thinking, and brainstorming.

Truman and the White House: Dianne Schrik
Truman's Desk: Analyze the contents of Truman's Presidential desk.
The Truman Balcony and the White House Renovation: Teaching activities and primary source documents based on his historic preservation project.
White House Activities: Classroom projects and activities.

Little Folk's White House Tour: Angie Shilt
A behind-the-scenes tour of the White House guided by Harry Truman, especially for young children.

Classroom Activities: Edith LaMastres
Get ideas of classroom activities for primary grades. Areas include writing, reading, social studies, math, music, and other special activities. Resource books are also listed.

Library to Letters: Lydia Marlow
This historical fiction story about young Harry Truman's interest in reading features primary sources, original letters, pictures of his heroes, and Internet links.

The Story Teller: Carl MacDonald
A storyteller shares three short stories about Harry S. Truman in his hometown of Independence, Missouri.